Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 43 | Page 39

individual message . This led to the advent of Application Programming Interfaces ( APIs ) that allows easy integration of business core platforms to messaging channels and platforms from providers and aggregators over public Internet . Other trends that are fast being adopted include digital native cloud SMS platforms that enable business faster time to market . In essence , whether bulk messaging for promotion , campaign or simply handling of transactional services as in authentication , verification etc , businesses are being empowered in their choice of
A2P messaging allows brands to connect with customers , whether via SMS or other chat applications , in an automated manner through specialised software and messaging gateways . technology to use to facilitate their core function via A2P and P2A integrations end-to-end .
However , while A2P SMS messaging remains an easy and convenient way for brands to reach their customers , fraudulent and unwanted traffic poses a significant risk to both mobile users and organisations . In the overall SMS ecosystem today , the amount of fraud is significant and an ongoing challenge for all the stakeholders . Fraudsters are always trying to find new ways to attack the network . A study by Accenture says the cost of this type of activity to businesses will reach US $ 5.2 trillion over the next five years , so there is no room for complacency .
Mobile network operators ( MNOs ) play a key role as part of the SMS A2P and P2A value chain . Not only do they host the SMS