Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 43 | Page 35

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY the global network of Authorised Training Centres ( ATC ). “ The ATC partners provide professional instructors , facilities and training resources customers . The partners can leverage their technology experience and research to equip IT professionals with the skillset and training needed in these critical domains ,” he said . “ Check Point SecureAcademy is a comprehensive cybersecurity academic programme for institutions of higher learning to address the cyber skills shortage in these domains through a range of free education initiatives that help to train the next generation of cyber warriors .”
Menon said to effectively reach out and ensure that Check Point is able to cater to the training needs of global pool of cybersecurity professionals is an ongoing effort . “ Providing consistent training , needs for simplifying messaging , breaking language barriers , increased virtual training needs due to ongoing pandemic are some of the aspects we work diligently to address ,” he said .
He noted that “ Business as usual ” is a thing of the past as COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a lot of changes to the workplace environment . He added that as resellers settle into the reality that the current state of things might be the new normal , they need to change their focus from ad-hoc arrangements to a fresh approach to your organisational strategy .
Menon said going forward , distributors and resellers are expected to work hand in hand along with the vendor community to have an effective and sustainable business model . “ Increased training and skills awareness is an important part of the strategy and the distributor helps to get the desired reach in the market while resellers are very close to customers and understand their specific training needs ,” he said .
Mohamed Abdallah , Regional Director , META , SonicWall , said the tech talent squeeze in the channel means resellers must build deep leadership benches . Abdallah said in an environment where IT talent is in short supply , channel partners should take training and certifications seriously . “ Now , more than ever , there is a role to play for those with cybersecurity expertise . Underline the importance of the role a skilled resource could play , some customers would
Finding and retaining the right IT talent by resellers is hampering partner training and certification and the trickle-down effect is being felt and mirrored by the not-so-rosy sales figures .