Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 43 | Page 25

PARTNERS ’ PERSPECTIVE vertical , evaluating the business problem and converting those findings into an offering that best fits the customer ’ s environment . It is critical to keep in mind as solution providers implement any strategy to overcome the barriers to networking technology adoption , that SMBs are not buying technology because it is something nice to have , but because technology helps to solve their business problems .
From a business perspective , in most cases SMB customers do not fully understand technology and the counterpart products , but they do recognise the need
Skills not just in networking but general IT sector skills remain a huge hurdle for some small businesses in the region and this is where channel partners play a very critical role .
for solutions and services . As it is a known fact , there is no one solution which fits all hence , channel partners must adapt and help to provide high quality , managed services , which include an array of solutions that will drive down the total cost of ownership ( TCO ) and maximise the profit .
That said , the SMB market is one of the strongest segments in this region and there are a lot of small and medium sized companies spread throughout the MEA region that need guidance from channel partners on the best available networking technologies in the market . Channel partners have an important role to play in helping their SOHO and SMB customers by educating and guiding them on the latest products and solutions , and most importantly , helping them to embrace some of the services ( cloud services , managed services , outsourcing or professional services ) they are offering . By offering these to your customers , you will be helping them to focus on their core business while you take the responsibility of managing their networking infrastructure .
And with a plethora of tips and tricks available , it can get confusing for you to get started . With that in mind , narrowing down to enhance your channel partner credentials will ultimately add value to your business and the entire channel ecosystem .
With Digital Transformation impacting nearly every industry and aspect of people ’ s lives , the future of networking solutions and market in the SOHO and SMB space in MEA is bright . This year , despite a tough and challenging market , channel partners should remain optimistic that the different product lines and technologies available from various networking solution vendors will help lift your business and propel the channel for more growth as the market upturn starts in the SMB segment in MEA . •