Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 43 | Page 17

Another highlight is our enhancements to our professional services programme to enable partners to go to market with additional enablement tools and documentation . Contact your channel account manager about this opportunity .
Through these and other initiatives , we are demonstrating our commitment to our partners , who will continue to be key players in Infoblox ’ s continued transformation .
Jessica Lay , our Partner Programmes Manager at Infoblox noted : “ We need our partners more than ever as the world pivots toward SaaS and we are very proud about what our partners have achieved in the last 12 months . For example , our partner-generated revenue increased 40 % over the last year . When you consider the challenges that many of us have faced , this is an outstanding achievement .”
During 2020 , Infoblox also saw the market move with us . The work from anywhere trend that is expected to continue in the foreseeable future , has provided tremendous opportunities for our channel partners . And , despite the pandemic , many of our partners also grew their businesses with BloxOne Threat Defence , which contributed to a 58 % increase in security revenues . We also saw many partners bring us opportunities from existing and new accounts , and our new logos grew from 50 % to 70 % year-over-year , thanks largely to our partners .
Moving forward , as Vic Northrup , Acting Executive Vice President at Infoblox ’ s Worldwide Field Operations , pointed out that the key to growth is making sure the experience and the value provided to customers through using Infoblox in conjunction with partners is realised as quickly as possible . Northrup added : “ In order to do that , we need to work as one team . We ’ ve got the selling experiences , which drives the SaaS growth . Many of you have already started moving down the SaaS path and for those who haven ’ t , this is how most of the infrastructure companies and the networking companies will end up going to market .”
In closing , I want to leave you with one thought – one degree is all that separates us from greatness . Our continued evolution to “ cloud-first ” is an important part of that one degree of separation that is enabling our partners to better position Infoblox solutions to their customers and ignite success within their own businesses . •