Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 29 | Page 35

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY Seidor MENA will also engage heavily with end-users in the pilot countries to ensure successful implementations and boost users’ confidence in, and acceptance of, the new solution. Over the next three years, BASF will continue relying on Seidor MENA to enhance and support the ERP deployment, and explore options to engage further with the systems integrator in the procurement of other business applications and cloud services – with Seidor MENA not only serving as a technical advisor, but as a consultant in businessprocess standardisation. “Successful Digital Transformation is about much more than technology migration,” said Ignacio Ruiz de Eguilaz, As lessons are learned from initial rollouts, implementation will be standardised for subsequent waves to lower TCO for BASF. Managing Director, Seidor MENA. “At Seidor, we recognise that business transformation requires organisations to evolve and make changes to company culture. Our global reach and technology expertise now complement a deep, nuanced knowledge of business-process standardisation. BASF faced a daunting transformation challenge with their construction chemicals division, but recognised that Seidor was their ideal partner because we take a business-first approach to everything we do.” • Seidor and BASF executives at partnership luncheon INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS Issue 29 35