Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 29 | Page 21

ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY Hady said: “You do see differences, not in the business, but in the way meetings are done or what kind of discussions you have. But if I think about what partners are trying to achieve and their will to go out and win business, I think it’s universal. “It’s very exciting for me. I have always managed the Middle East, Africa and Central Eastern Europe so just broadening the area is very rewarding for me personally.” On her own management philosophy Hady’s own management philosophy is made up of a combination of factors. “My first manager said to me ‘look, I’m going to let you swim. If you start to drown, put your hand up, other than that just keep on swimming’. I really liked that as it showed she trusted me,” she said. “I think for the last 20 years when I have been a manager, I have been trying to do the same. It was very difficult for me to learn to delegate but I realised for the sake of enabling people to develop and grow their own skills and in their own careers, I need to.” She concedes she is very honest – ‘sometimes too honest’ – and loves to have fun. “‘Work hard, play hard’ is one of my mottos,” she said. “‘You snooze, you lose’ is another one. I have got to be quick and on the ball. And I love to win – I always want to be number one.” Working with partners to enable transformation At the beginning of each year, the team meets with top partners to create a joint business plan which explores what was achieved in the last year – and it’s not all about the numbers. She said: “It’s more about – how does the partner want to transform? Which customer INTELLIGENT INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS TECH CHANNELS Issue XX 29 21