Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 20 | Page 65

FINAL WORD What’s amazing is that our net promotor score has steadily increased as we put more emphasis on the channel model of our business. S torageCraft’s objective focuses on intelligent data management; protecting customers’ data and allowing that data to be recovered and recalled at any point in time. What we’ve been focusing on in the last three years is morphing the company into what I believe is the current business model that our customers appreciate, which is scaled-out intelligent data management. When it comes to primary and secondary data, our customers are experiencing a complete blurring between the two. They don’t care about the primary or backup data, what they really want is access to all of it, anywhere. To meet these real-world requirements, we offer scale-out storage, which enables you to buy storage as and when it’s required, rather than having to buy large platforms of it, allowing customers to simply add their storage solution in a plug- and-play environment. That’s ultimately what the world is expecting now from storage providers and we’ve got some critical and electrical property INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS Issue 20 behind that. I’m pleased to say that our products called OneXafe and ShadowXafe are the client-based solutions that we sell in that market and are doing well. In the area of backup recovery or Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, we offer a product called ShadowProtect. We already protect nearly two million servers with this product. Every day we’re protecting the changed data associated with those servers, with our customers and with our partners. The interesting thing that we’ve also added to our product solution is a cloud offering: StorageCraft Disaster Recovery- as-a-Service (DRaaS) offers everything from file and folder recovery and machine virtualisation to instant failover of an entire site and network with a different level of SLA than you’ll find elsewhere. Challenges around data storage Globally, the single biggest challenge I hear from our customers and partners around the world is when they look at data growth and compare that to their storage or IT budget, the two don’t come close. There’s no way these people can say IT administrators are having a hard time preserving their budget, let alone now having a conversation with their boss requesting more storage due to data growth. That’s just not the answer that budgets or leadership – what I call real active leaders – are putting forward. They’re putting the challenge in front of the storage industry. This is exactly where StorageCraft can have a strong level of differentiation. Our belief is that not all data is equal, but the status quo storage industry wants you to believe that because they want you to store everything; they want you to store everything twice, if not three times. Our belief is that if you really do have intelligent data management and data insights, you can pick and choose. StorageCraft can be used as an example of this. For example, I have a data pool for a marketing campaign that’s extremely important; however, if that data was somehow lost, destroyed or corrupted, I’m going to be upset with my IT organisation. But I’m not going to lose revenue and 65