Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 20 | Page 59

CHANNEL CHIEF As more and more companies look to progress their Digital Transformation strategies, the channel has an important role to play in guiding them through the process. As Vice President of Worldwide Channels for Centrify, JOHN ANDREWS discusses the responsibilities within his new role, his management philosophy and Centrify’s relationship with channel partners. What does your new position as Vice President of Worldwide Channels entail? Primarily, the most important component of a senior channel role is to achieve a sustainable and increasing revenue stream from a group of core, self-sufficient partners and make those companies both valuable and profitable to their customer base. This requires a great deal of logistics, planning and strategy. At Centrify for example, we currently have several ongoing projects which I have kicked off under the banner ‘Simply Centrify’ to make us easier to do business with. From personal experience, the thing partners fear the most is that you’ll be too complicated to work with, so in January we’ll be rolling out a new partner portal with improved interconnectivity and communication lines with our partner network. We’ll also be revising a fairly dated partner programme focusing on competency- based rewards, online and self-paced learning paths for everything from sales, pre- sales and professional services and increased focus on targeted market spend with our channel. So, it’s a fairly expansive role but ideally to be successful in the next 24 months we should be able to look at the teams’ achievements and see a well-prepared, fully enabled and productive channel that really adds value to their customer base with high level security discussion. What was your previous role and what did it involve? Previously running EMEA channels and mid- market sales was very much a scaled-down INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS Issue 20 version of my new role. I can now tackle some of the programmatic changes that are required to enhance the Centrify channel go-to market strategy. John Andrews, VP of Worldwide Channels for Centrify We want our channel to be the most knowledgeable player in the privilege management space. Can you explain how Centrify works with channel partners? In our partner programme revisions planned for January, we’ll look to continue the engagement with a small but focused group of partners as well as develop our distribution strategy to achieve maximum coverage and support for the entire channel ecosystem. What is your management philosophy? Trust and communication. I have a really great team of people in our channel group and alongside that I also have some excellent people in supporting departments. I believe the key to having staff go the extra mile for one another is creating an environment where communication is encouraged and healthy. Open debate and discussion are 59