Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 20 | Page 45

INTELLIGENT GREEN TECHNOLOGY LEME Lighting signs strategic agreement with energy firm Pavegen EME Lighting, a subsidiary of LEME Group, has entered into a strategic partnership with Pavegen, the UK award-winning energy and data harvesting firm, to bring its smart flooring technology and expertise to the UAE. Pavegen and LEME Lighting plan to combine Pavegen’s bespoke smart flooring solutions that integrate off-grid energy production with LEME Lighting’s sustainable lighting solutions in the UAE and beyond. Laurence Kemball-Cook, founder and CEO, Pavegen said: “We believe in putting people at the heart of smart city infrastructure. Our highly engaging flooring solution converts the energy from human movement to power local applications including LED lighting, sensors and data capture and transmission and we’re installing in locations such as airports, hospitals, corporate headquarters, retail sites and schools. “LEME Lighting has the know-how and network to help us expand our offering and scale our operations across the MENA region and we’re excited about the opportunities we can develop together.” Sanuj Kohli, CEO, LEME Group, added: “Our partnership with Pavegen aims to drive the evolution of the alternative energy solutions in line with the ambitions of the UAE National Agenda 2021. Alternative energy has been a game changer in many L INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS Issue 20 markets around the world. As a complement to solar or wind power, Pavegen uses human footfall to generate energy for offices, transport hubs, and generally, anywhere people can walk. LEME Lighting has long advocated the use of energy-efficient, sustainable technology, and is committed to forming strategic partnerships with smart technology pioneers in order to contribute positively to the Middle East’s growing energy ecosystem.” Pavegen produces an interactive flooring technology which converts the kinetic energy of footfall into off-grid electricity, data and rewards. Each step on Pavegen generates two to four joules of electricity or up to seven watts of power per person as they move across a walkway. Pavegen walkways also contain Low- Power Bluetooth beacons which connect to smartphone apps, rewarding people for their steps and generating permission- based customer analytics. The company has delivered over 200 installations around the world and is looking to build on its portfolio of permanent installations which include prestige mixed- use developments, retail sites, schools and transport hubs. LEME Lighting, an award-winning lighting company in the UAE, has a 100,000-square- foot facility in which it designs and develops sustainable outdoor lighting products for global markets. ˜ 45