Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 20 | Page 15

ISSUE 20 A Intelligent briefin gs for Middl e East and Africa PUBLIC ATION channel partn ers Supplementing supply chain stren gth KUSHAL NAHAT A, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO OF FAREYE Driving the channel market in Afric a ANDRIE Mark Bowen is Lynchpin Media’s Managing Editor, and Editor of Intelligent CIO Middle East and Intelligent Tech Channels. He has more than 10 years’ experience of editing newspapers and magazines in the UK. S JANSE VAN RENSB URG, CHANNEL MANAG ER AT WESTCON Powering the Internet of Everything FRED SAAYMAN, PINNACLE’S HUAWE I BUSINESS UNIT EXECUTIVE DISTRIBUTI NG SUCCES Amanulla Khan , Managing Director, Links Africa, on the ys, Middle East, company’s continuing Turkey and success story network of working with distributors. a GET SOCIAL . . . @IntTechCha nnels www.linkedi ny/lyn chpin-media S www.intellig enttechchan EDITOR’S COMMENT W elcome to the latest edition of Intelligent Tech Channels (ITC). On page 19 we look at the continuing success story of Linksys, a leader in networking and WiFi innovation for the home and business, which works through a strong network of distributors. Amanulla Khan, Managing Director, Linksys, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, was keen to stress how partnerships are at the heart of its business success. He specifically mentions channel partners such as Silicon 21 in Egypt, Techno Blue WLL in Qatar, and Al Jammaz Telecom in KSA. They are obviously working hard to bring value to their customers and their efforts no doubt go a long way to increase Linksys’s market share in key areas. This edition we also talk to Matt Medeiros, CEO and Chairman of StorageCraft, who shares his thoughts on the challenges around data storage and how his company works with its channel partners to remain successful. We discover that managing and storing data correctly is more important than ever as enterprises are expanding exponentially. Turn to p64 to find out more. On the next couple of pages we take a close look at what 2019 might have in store for channel partners. Craig Freer, Executive Head, Cloud at Vox, tells us that channel partners need to consider how they can evolve if they are looking to increase their margins. INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS Issue 20 He makes an interesting argument stating that channel partners need to move away from being mere ‘box droppers’ to trusted advisors who add value to a ‘solution’, rather than a ‘product’. Sounding a word of warning, he argues, that those who do not make the switch risk losing their relevance to the market. Meanwhile, Stephan Berner, CEO at Help AG, says channel partners have already begun enhancing the service they provide to their customers and he expects this to continue in the new year alongside further growth of the managed services market. He also predicts that the channel is set to be impacted by the increasing take-up of cloud with the adoption of hybrid cloud in particular predicted to continue. Both contributors make interesting arguments and it will certainly be fascinating to see how the channel develops in 2019. All that remains for me to do is to wish you a happy and prosperous 2019! Mark Bowen Editor 15