Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 17 | Page 34

INTELLIGENT CLOUD Oracle Academy Universities in the UAE thrive in the modern global economy. The curriculum is modular, making it easy for educators to embed it in entirety or in part in degree and diploma granting programmes. The curriculum is also aligned to national and international standards, like those developed by the Computer Science Teachers Association and the European Qualifications Framework. Both are recognised in the MENA region. Additionally, Java courses can be used to prepare the students for the AP Computer Science A exam. Students who complete Oracle Academy exams included with the curriculum receive certificates of learning. Additionally, Oracle Academy’s Database Foundations and Java Foundation courses are aligned with Oracle Junior Certified Associate certifications, offered through Oracle University. Students who undertake Oracle Academy courses and then successfully complete these challenging exams can demonstrate their database and Java knowledge and skills with a distinction recognised by IT industry professionals. This qualification can help the students show differentiation, whether they are preparing for college, applying to a graduate programme, or competing for a first job or internship. 34 Skills and jobs A recent report from the World Economic Forum shows that some of the most common high-skilled jobs in the MENA region include commercial bankers, corporate finance specialists, accountants, schoolteachers, academics, engineers, quality assurance professionals and information technology consultants. With the emergence and growth of new technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing, the demand for IT and computer science skills has consistently risen and will continue to rise for the foreseeable future globally. This report also states that across the MENA region, substantial opportunity exists for creating high value, formal jobs in the IT sector. Changing technologies mean that employers are seeking different skills. Emerging techno